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Come learn more in one of our hand-picked online and in-person workshops.
Awaken and accelerate your practice with a full body SMT session designed around a core set of asanas.
We distill the latest research in SMT into a digestable, easy to follow format that will teach you how to work on yourself from head to toe.
Learn how specific advances in mobility research will directly affect your game. We’re going to teach you how to be an efficient, injury free golfer.


  • RAD workshops are bite-sized programs designed to help you be your best at whatever you like to do.
  • We’ve brought in the experts in their respective fields to bring you the latest in activity specific knowledge around self myofascial therapy.
  • Access your material online, 24/7.
  • Check the workshop detail pages for in-person course schedules.

WHO IS TEAM Rad Roller?

We are a team that holds experience training elite athletes for performance, the normal population for their health and fitness goals as well as rehabilitation clients who are experiencing movement challenges and pain. We are a diverse team that brings to the table experience as trainers, clinicians, product designers, educators, authors and innovators.

We are passionate about challenging the status quo, finding a better way to do things, continually evolving and grabbing life by the horns. We love all things movement including athletics, cross-training, performance training, mixed martial arts, yoga, etc.

We want to empower you and teach you concepts as opposed to techniques. You
must master the former before the latter.