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Concepts in mobility and SMR so you can think critically and treat efficiently

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What you’ll learn

RAD is about to teach you the latest research on pain science and manual therapy so that you can use self-myofascial release with more efficiency and get better results.

After completing this course you will understand what self-myofascial is, the most effective approach based on the latest research on pain and manual therapy, the role of the musculoskeletal system in the pain experience, factors that limit mobility, and lastly why self-manual therapy can be so effective.

the state of pain

Pain is very poorly managed in around the world. In Canada, chronic pain costs more than cancer, heart disease and HIV combined!

Estimates place direct health care costs for Canada at more than $6 billion per year, and productivity costs related to job loss and sick days at $37 billion per year.

Issues: Under-recognition of the problem, lack of education regarding pain assessment/treatment in graduating health care professionals, and grossly inadequate funding for research regarding pain.

The World’s Most Burdensome Health Issues: Depression #2, Diabetes #9, Cardiovascular Disease #23, Dementia #24, Cancer #25, Malaria #41, Chronic Back Pain #1, Chronic Neck Pain #4, Osteoarthritis Related Pain #11

- Vos et al. The Lancet, 2010

did you know?

Did you know that most people don't know how to prevent, relieve, or fix these muscular related issues without spending numerous visits to a health professional?

What happens if we could provide the tools you need, all the education required to apply those tools, the ability to solve the challenges people face everyday as it relates to mobility dysfunction and muskuloskeletal pain?

We have the answer. RAD.