Combat Quarantine Back Pain

Sick of dealing with chronic back pain and poor posture? Here's what you need to do...

Combat Quarantine Back Pain

Let’s be honest, these are tough times. There’s a lot of uncertainty, leading to a lot of stress, and we’re spending more time on our computers and phones because of it - either because we’re hooked on reading the latest news, or discovering the latest memes, or doing any number of other things that we do when we’re bored. This behavior is detrimental to our back and neck health - especially if you are forced to now work from home, where you may have a less than optimal desk setup. To combat the poor posture that will inherently increase your back and neck pain, you need a routine (and the right tools) that will help you mobilize your spine and get it out of the forward-rounded posture.

Foam rollers and some yoga poses are great for this. Heck, just stretching your pecs in a doorway is a great start. But, there's one tool that has become one of my favorite new ways to achieve this - The Centre. To be honest, I didn’t really know what the purpose of this tool was when I first saw it. But once I actually used the Centre, I totally began to understand.

The Centre the most comfortable way to lay on something that will force your chest to fully open up… also popping all of those thoracic spine joints that are primed and ready to go. It’s vital that you have something like this at home to help your thoracic spine extend and help you stretch out your chest and shoulders. I recommend taking a couple of minutes after every hour of sitting at your desk to get out of that sitting position and stretch. This will help make sure that your spine isn’t getting too stiff in that forward-flexed position.


1. Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet planted on the floor.

2. Place the Centre under the center of your back and put your hand behind your head.

3. Sink into the tool and take 10 DEEP breaths. Feel free to move side to side a bit if you want to reach different areas of your back.

4. After you have taken 10 deep breaths in this position, try extending your arms overhead and slowly move them up and down.

5. Take 10 MORE deep breaths while performing this movement.

6. Move the Centre up or down your back and repeat these steps to release other areas along your spine.

7. Stand up and do a 1-minute stretch & you're done!

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