Review of RAD Yoga: Foundations of Self Myofascial Release and Asana

Are you interested in taking your yoga practice to the next level with an expertise in SMR? Here's what a seasoned Physical Therapist thought of our RAD Yoga Certification.

Review of RAD Yoga: Foundations of Self Myofascial Release and Asana

RAD, the makers of some of the best myofascial release tools on the market, have a full line up of RAD yoga courses, combining the use of their tools to release fascia and improve mobility with asana yoga positions and movements. They offer 3 different levels of certifications to take mobility to higher levels. Their class offerings include both in person and online learning. We had one of our bloggers, Dr. Eni Kadar, PT, DPT take the course to tell us what it was all about. Here’s what she found...

The RAD Yoga course gives a solid foundation for any practitioner looking to teach their students or clients a greater understanding and awareness of self myofascial release. The course offers insights and education on anatomy, the RAD SMR tools, scope of practice, techniques, and actionable tools to implement it effectively. In addition to the modules, the RAD Yoga course also offers a full Asana practice incorporating the RAD tools seamlessly in a realistic way. Each of their tools aids in releasing fascial restrictions and increasing movement in unique ways.

The course’s setup is interactive and provides opportunities for students to test their knowledge via quizzes and also reflect on new information in long-form questions throughout the course. The instructor is easy to understand and provides simple tips for things like language to use and even the types of tools that would be effective for specific body parts.

From the perspective of a physical therapist, the RAD Yoga course would be a great addition for anyone looking to strengthen their communication skills, implementation, and HEP prescription for SMR. It creates an easy way for practitioners to foster independence in their patients and empower them to manage tissue mobility in between treatment sessions or beyond skilled therapy interventions. Tools like the RAD rollers are perfect travel companions and the breathwork module helped reinforce the connection between mobility and soft tissue restrictions. I appreciated the education on fascia, centrally mediated tension and the “less is more” approach that the RAD Yoga course teaches.

Written By:
Shaun Palmer, PT, DPT, ATC

Founder, Host
DDG Media Company

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