March 28, 2018 2 min read

RAD is stoked to have Denelle Numis, an advanced yoga teacher (E-RYT 500) and RAD Ambassador based in San Francisco as this months featured blogger.

Teaching yoga full-time can be fairly taxing on the body so I’m usually in need of some type of bodywork to relieve the stress and tension built up around my body.

And while my professional yoga career is rewarding in so many ways, it's not as lucrative as I wish it was. So when I’m running low on dough and can’t afford to schedule a PT session or a massage, I turn to my reliable RAD tools!

Check out my top 5 favorite ways to self-massage the #RADLife way:

1) Roll the smallRAD round around your temples to calm the mind and nerves.

2) Roll out along the length of your spine to release your spinal erector muscles with theRAD Helix. This release is deep and juicy so please proceed with caution!

3) Pin & Hold theRAD Roller beneath the scapula to target the teres minor, a rotator cuff muscle. Massage therapists often find the tension in this region so the pin and hold technique works wonders for my body. Sheer or Roll as desired.

4) Roll theRAD Rodbehind the leg to stretch the calf and hamstring muscles.

5) Pin & Hold, Roll and/or Sheer with theRAD Helix and/orRAD Roundsalong your outer hip muscles including the glutes and abductor muscles. Play with different sized tools to see what works best for you and your body.


*Stack the RAD Roller on top of the RAD Blockand place the back of your neck, the occipital ridge to be precise, in the divot of the RAD Roller. Relax and enjoy!

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