Become more familiar with integrating self myofascial release techniques into your professional sessions so your clients can experience new levels relief and muscle recovery.


All of our trainings are hosted on the first Wednesday of the month. You will have the option to attend either a morning session at 8:00am MST or an evening session at 5:30pm MST. The zoom link provided in the email you received after signing up will work for all upcoming sessions so you are free to join at your convenience.

The Power of Integrating SMR

Using SMR techniques allows for a deeper experience for you, your clients, and students. 

Improve Blood Flow

Reduce Chronic Pain + Fatigue

Explore New Massage Techniques



Julie Wu began her journey in the research field, investigating various forms of Diabetes and Cancer in the lab environment. Seeing health and wellness as a more holistic endeavor, she became a licensed Acupuncturist. She began practicing yoga while also diving deeper into anatomy and movement principles. She has a passion for empowering others to take charge of their wellbeing and now leads Myofascial Release and Mobility workshops around the globe for many movement professionals

Julie specializes in:

- RAD tools usage and/or integration programming
- Science & techniques of Self Myofascial Release (SMR)
- Spa/wellness & fitness trainings
- Service integration programming for massage therapists & estheticians