Are Your Hips on Lockdown Too?



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One of the unintended consequences of staying inside so much - as many of us are these days - is the lack of big, full-range of movement in the hips. We could move from the desk to the couch to the table and back again while working and relaxing all day long, and since we may not be shopping and working out as much we are missing out on some shapes and movements we might not even be aware of.  

Spend some time with Derek, a senior yoga and anatomy teacher, moving and rolling out through this often - and especially now - neglected area. We will flow between some great hip mobilization and RAD rolling via self myofascial release, working to bring some space, freedom and movement to our lower body. 

Props needed One RAD Roller or Helix (if you don't have either you can try placing two tennis balls in a tube sock); two Recovery Rounds; one towel.



Online - mobile device or desktop.

Please download the Zoom app at least 1 hour before this session begins.

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Thursday, September 3, 2020 / 4:15pm - 5:15pm Mountain Time (Derek says 6:30pm in his video since he is in EST)



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