Low Back Discomfort and Function - Movement Advice from a PT





Wednesday, October 21, 2020 / 6:00pm - 7:00pm Mountain Time


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Carina Bender-Abrams, a performance Physical Therapist, Strength Coach, and RAD Mobility Master Coach from California, brought RAD Roller tools and education into her practice to reinforce movement training and recovery strategies, while also supporting manual therapy and other treatments. Now she wants to share these best practices and informationon modifying the way we look at prepping our body for physical activity, and how to check our own mobility and address it with simple techniques targeting the areas most commonly involved in lower back issues.

We're all moving less than we'd like to these days so let's make sure our bodies adjust appropriately and not allow the increased screen time and computer work to take over our movement patterns. Balancing load in school and work with training and exercise is always a priority, but having the tools and understanding of some simple concepts we can use at home can support changes in our routine to keep pushing forward!

Props needed One RAD Roller, one set of RAD Rounds (or tennis ball if you don't have the Rounds), and one Axle (or foam roller).


Online - mobile device or desktop.

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