Lower body and Hip Release with Allie Geer

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Join Yoga Medicine® Registered Therapeutic Specialist Allie Geer for a workshop that will explore the benefits of self myofascial release. We will target areas of restriction, tension and stress within the body. You will experience benefits such as improved range of motion, increased circulation, and an overall sense of relaxation. No yoga experience required. 


I leave (the workshop) learning new skills I can take home and practice myself. I feel like I’ve given the best gift to my body. I’m so grateful to Allie for sharing her magic. I can’t recommend this workshop more; especially in these trying times where I know I am holding a lot of fear, anxiety and pain in my body. I always leave feeling better than upon arrival!”

Props needed:  Two RAD Recovery Rounds, 1 Axle or foam roller, a towel or blanket, and water. 



Online - mobile device or desktop.

Please download the Zoom app at least 1 hour before this session begins.


Tuesday, August 4, 2020 / 5:30pm - 6:30pm Mountain Time



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