RAD MASTER COACH Dec. 19 & 20, Seattle WA Training

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RM-MC gives you the opportunity to join our inner circle and learn even higher level content. You will also have the ability to host courses, speak at conferences and be onthe front lines of propelling RAD to the leading mobility company in the industry. Help us evolve the status quo so that we can evolve and improve.

    Kevin Hendry
    In-Person Training
    12-14 hours

  • We will share with you 'the secret' to success with clients and athletes ~ our 10 Guiding Principles.
  • Dialogue on research studies and answers to 'frequently asked questions' regarding assessments and techniques.
  • Enhanced knowledge of the RAD tools in regards to their design and applications for the body.
  • SMT (Self myofascial therapy). What it is and how it works Hint: It’s probably different than you think!
  • The RAD tools are designed very specifically. We’ll take you through the deeper levels of function and application
  • The RAD Mobility Education and tools are the perfect compliment to EBFA's Barefoot Training Specialist Certification. Built around evidence-based programming and the latest fascial research, RAD Mobility is a must-attend course for all health, fitness and movement professionals. - Dr Emily Splichal , Founder EBFA Fitness



    Kevin has over a decade of experience coaching NCAA Division 1 athletes, CFL football players, Canadian National Team athletes and BC Hockey League players, Based in Vancouver, BC, he is the Director of Education for RAD Roller as well as an author, Practicing Kinesiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

    Kevin is currently pursuing a graduate diploma in Osteopathy.

    “Move well and without pain first. Move more often second. Move with more load, speed and complexity third. Move with optimal mobility always.” -Kevin Hendry