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RAD MOBILITY 2 Nov. 5th & 6th 9-6PM Surrey BC Training

RM- 2 covers assessments, SMT active mobilizations and stabilization drills so your clients will feel and perform better.
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This course reconciles the latest research on pain, mobility and manual therapy with the techniques used by industry experts. Different regions of the body are examined in detail including the cranium, neck, back, pelvis, hip, lower extremity, foot, shoulders and upper extremity. A treatment methodology will be introduced to help you prioritize which body system to address including the muscular, fascial, skeletal and nervous systems of the body. Not all parts of the body are equal and we will give you the secret to determining where to release on the body along with the movements and exercises that will make the changes permanent.

    Kevin Hendry
    In-Person Training
    8 hours

  • A global body reading assessment that can identify postural imbalances and a strategy for balancing the myofascial chains
  • A treatment methodology that will give you an appreciation for the influence that certain zones of the body have on others
  • A review of the anatomy for regions of the entire body along with assessments that will identify mobility impairments
  • Three different release techniques using the RAD Roller mobility tools for each of these regions that will accomplish different goals
  • Active mobilizations and stability drills that will make give you lasting results
  • The RAD Mobility Education and tools are the perfect compliment to EBFA's Barefoot Training Specialist Certification. Built around evidence-based programming and the latest fascial research, RAD Mobility is a must-attend course for all health, fitness and movement professionals. - Dr Emily Splichal , Founder EBFA Fitness



    Kevin has over a decade of experience coaching NCAA Division 1 athletes, CFL football players, Canadian National Team athletes and BC Hockey League players, Based in Vancouver, BC, he is the Director of Education for RAD Roller as well as an author, Practicing Kinesiologist and Strength & Conditioning Coach.

    Kevin is currently pursuing a graduate diploma in Osteopathy.

    “Move well and without pain first. Move more often second. Move with more load, speed and complexity third. Move with optimal mobility always.” -Kevin Hendry