Virtual Consultation with Roy Choquette

Roy has been teaching and training in the exercise science field for over 15 years inspiring others while working as a collegiate exercise science program director, Mobility Master Coach, anatomy and physiology teacher, and corrective movement specialist. He has a passion for designing injury reduction programs and helping clients achieve optimal body awareness and movement quality by focusing on nervous system activation techniques. Your initial one-on-one consultation with Roy will last one hour and will set the foundation for the individualized programming you need to accomplish your health, wellness, and fitness goals. There are many factors to consider when designing a personalized program, such as health history, areas of discomfort, past and present injuries, current and future goals, and more. To make sure your program is tailored to your specific needs, Roy will spend part of this initial session collecting information via a few quick and easy movement assessments. These will allow him to better understand your current situation and create the most effective program for you. If you would like any follow up assistance you may choose another one hour session where Roy can reassess movement patterns, track progress, re-evaluate the current program, and make any adjustments needed, or you may alternatively choose a 30 minute session for a quick check-in to ask any questions and/or make any necessary program adjustments.

Roy specializes in:

  • Movement Assessment
  • Customized goal setting
  • Mobility, recovery, and strength programming
  • Self myofascial release training
Virtual Consultation with Roy Choquette

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