March 04, 2021 2 min read

Take your mobility to the NEXT LEVEL with RAD recovery tools!

This next-level approach to fitness incorporates mobility, functional fitness, mind-body connection, HIIT/cardio and strength training for the ultimate package.

Do you want a sneak peek into what my Oxygen Challenge 6 program entails? I’ve packed so much important work into this 90-day challenge, and I’m excited to share it with you:

  1. Mobility.  If you read my article titled “Why Movement Became My ‘Why,’” then you already know that I love demonstrating gratitude for all the things my body is capable of doing through movement. So it’s no surprise that mobility is a big part of my OC6 plan — it’s the best way to avoid pain and injury as you progress through a challenging 90-day fitness program. So you’ll find one day solely dedicated to mobility work and then three other days each week that have mobility segments. The goal is to build up your ability to handle bigger ranges of motion so that when life throws different physical situations at you, you’re prepared. It’ll help set you up for longevity.

  2. Functional fitness.  Ever wonder why it’s so important to lift weights or do squats? Because many of these moves mimic movements we do in our everyday lives — moves that could otherwise cause us pain or leave us injured. Functional fitness is the ability to translate what you’re doing in the gym to your everyday life, such as lifting a baby off the floor or reaching for something in the back seat of your car. What you do in the gym should directly translate to how you move on a daily basis.

  3. Mind-body connection.  Another important aspect of my workout plan is creating a mind-body connection. I will share how truly and scientifically the body and mind are connected, and we’ll practice breathwork that can adjust your nervous system to reduce stress and tension. Once you learn the power of breath), you can use this valuable tool anywhere, anytime.

  4. HIIT/cardio and strength training.  Ready to start sweating? Each week will feature two HIIT/cardio routines with modifications and progressions included for every level. There are also a couple of days of strength training with core movements each week, which will progress over the 90 days.

Here’s a sample workout to give you a little taste of what’s to come:

Hip and Shoulder Mobility Warm-Up

|Exercise|Sets|Reps| |-|-|-| |Active Hamstring Stretch |2|8 reps (each side)| |Standing Quad Pull |2|8 reps (each side)| |Wall Angel |2|8 reps|

4x4 HIIT (high-intensity interval training)

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, then rest 15 seconds. Complete four rounds. (No extra rest between rounds unless needed!)

|Exercise|Seconds| |-|-| |Toe-Tap Switch |45| |Rest|15| |Tabletop Dumbbell Press|45| |Rest|15| |Lateral Bound|45| |Rest|15| |Goblet Squat |45| |Rest|15|

Hip and Shoulder Mobility Cool-Down

|Exercise|Sets|Time| |-|-|-| |Half-Kneeling Quad Stretch |2|2 minutes (each leg)| |Wall Pec Stretch |2|10 seconds (each side)|

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