How to use Rad Block

Adductors with Roller

Place the block on the ground and scoot up to rest one of your sit bones on top. Lift the hip up and place the roller as close to the sit bone as possible. Flex the working knee to 90 degrees to relax the muscle and roll back and forth on the adductor.

Calves with Roller

Place the roller on top of the block and set one calf on top of the roller. Rolling back and forth and side to side for cross friction. Place the non-working leg on top for added pressure.

Subscapularis with Roller

The subscapularis is a pesky muscle that can cause serious shoulder and even wrist pain. To access it, place the block on its end and set the roller in the dimples. Lean over the block so that you can place the back of your armpit on the roller. Reach your working hand across to the opposite shoulder to reach deeper.

Suboccipitals with Roller

To access these small muscles right below the base of the skull, place the roller in the dimples and lay back onto the block. Gently massage, working from side to side.

Pecs with Roller

Place the block up on its side and put your roller in the dimples. Sit down and lean over onto the block and work side-to-side to create muscle-releasing cross friction.

Face with Rounds

Place the large or small rounds into the dimples of the block to create easy access to the jaw, temple and scalp. Use only the weight of the head for pressure and make small circles on tense areas.

Neck with Rounds

Place the large or small round into the dimples of the block and lay back over it with the round touching the base of your neck. Use only the weight of the head for pressure and make small circles around the entire neck and hairline.

Travel and Storage

Don’t forget to tuck your tools away in their right-sized storage holes to keep your whole kit together and ready to go anywhere.

Block basics

*The RAD Roller is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Talk to your doctor before using the RAD Roller. Please roll responsibly.
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